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About Tay-Bay Swim | Celebrating Plastic Free July

by Taylor-Jane Bennett | Founder, Designer Tay-Bay is a sustainable swimwear line, ethically made from eco-friendly materials on the tropical island of Mauritius, off the east coast of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean.  Our products make use of high quality, sustainable fabric made from regenerated nylon taken from waste products collected out of the ocean.  […]

Upcycling vs Recyling the Oceans


Upcycling vs recycling; what’s the difference?  Upcycling and recycling. Two of the biggest buzz words in sustainable fashion. But what’s the difference? Take a deep dive into the manufacturing revolution changing the way we turn waste into incredible new stuff.  Reduce, reuse, recycle, repeat! Simply put, recycling breaks waste down to be made into new […]