Supporting the Environment and Local Communities Through Sustainable Fashion.

Young white female wearing a Yellow Tay-Bay Clifton Sustainable Swimwear Bikini posing in an ever-green tropical forest.

We all have a responsibility to protect our Mother Earth, and as people (and a brand), we at Tay-Bay are passionately dedicated to sustainability in all its forms.

From our sexy and environmentally friendly upcycled bikinis to our efforts at home to live healthy, low-impact lifestyles, we’re doing our best to protect our world and all the amazing life that calls her home.

And sustainability takes many forms. Environmental sustainability and social sustainability go hand in hand, and we’re wholeheartedly dedicated to supporting the communities of Mauritius. We recognize the importance of our relationships with people and strive to not only raise community awareness for the plight of our oceans but to better their lives as well.

Empowering Men and Women in our Communities

Tay-Bay thrives off of empowering others, whether it’s looking and feeling gorgeous in your eco-friendly bikini or bringing home a stable income to your family. We work with a fantastic team of people in our community, providing work opportunities and chances to hone their skills through employment. We support the communities of Mauritius and work closely with teams of both men and women to produce our range of bikinis and spread environmental awareness far and wide.

We also support each other through kindness and have partnered with the NGO Home of Hope to better the lives of those dealing with difficult circumstances. It’s through being uplifted that we can continue to spread joy to the rest of the world, paying it forward and working towards a better world for people and the environment.

About Home of Hope

Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of hope and a helping hand to forge our futures. At Hope House, their community of volunteers strives to help those facing difficult circumstances make a brighter future for themselves. Mauritius is a tropical paradise to some, but much of the population still lives in poverty, with poor education and rife unemployment.

Founders Andre and Yvette Holl, and their team of volunteers and supporters bring together these people to offer them enrichment, education, and specially designed programs. This includes giving adults the opportunity to learn valuable skills and hone their creative talents in sewing and carpentry. Kids and young adults are also enrolled in powerful youth programs, receiving invaluable mentoring and life lessons through surfing and team building. It’s through these continuous efforts that Home of Hope can be a loving and empowering space for people to grow.

Not only does Hope House strive to give people the best opportunities through skills development, but by encouraging them to nurture their self-worth, self-love, and their compassion towards each other. Once we can love ourselves, only then can we truly love others and our precious wildlife.

Spreading Awareness through Kindness in Business

Many beautiful creative projects come out of the Hope House, and to support this NGO Tay-Bay has partnered up with them to supply us with the unique handcrafted packaging that each of our gorgeous little bikinis comes lovingly packaged in.

The lovely women of Hope House sewing program, designed to equip single mothers and underprivileged women with the skills and hope to overcome poverty through their craft, carefully hand stitch the most adorable biodegradable tote bags for each of our bikinis. This packaging not only promotes environmental awareness but promotes kindness in business and social sustainability through job opportunities and community support.

Our partnerships don’t end there. The upcycled fabric used to make our cheeky bikinis originate from our Italian supplier Carvico, pioneers in eco-friendly fabrics. It’s through their craft that we can continue to protect our oceans from the threat of ghost nets and continue to make our customers feel as powerful and sexy as they are.

About our Fabrics

Through remarkable innovation and commitment to the environment, Carvico produces and supplies us with their fabric, Vita. Made of regenerated nylon from fishing nets, this fabric is as comfortable as it is eco-friendly, fitting to and accentuating the beautiful contours of your body. It’s a durable and breathable fabric, resistant to suncream and chlorine to make sure your favorite bikini lasts for longer. And because we take great pride in what we put in and on our bodies, you can rest assured that our fabrics are entirely body-safe and hygienic.

By giving new life to nylon waste and giving discarded fishing nets purpose, they can return to the water in a whole new way; as elegant and fashionable swimwear. ‘Ghost nets’ are an insidious hazard to wildlife in our oceans, and every net that can be put to good use empowering women is a victory for marine conservation. Our oceans are homes to vibrant and magical creatures, and it’s our responsibility to keep them safe from the impact of mankind.

Young white female wearing a Yellow Tay-Bay Clifton Sustainable Swimwear Bikini posing in an ever-green tropical forest.
Young white female wearing a Yellow Tay-Bay Clifton Sustainable Swimwear Bikini posing in an ever-green tropical forest.
Young white female wearing a Yellow Tay-Bay Clifton Sustainable Swimwear Bikini posing in an ever-green tropical forest.

Conservation through Sustainable Fashion

These are just some of the ways we support our local communities and use our passion for nature to protect our Mother Earth. And we will continue to find new innovative and creative ways to do both. From school talks to educate the youth to beach cleanup programs with the community, our team at Tay-Bay is dedicated to supporting people and our natural world, with all the innocent creatures that live in it. By purchasing one of our eco-friendly bikinis, you can live powerfully knowing you’re helping towards conserving the environment and supporting the underprivileged communities of Mauritius. And you’ll look powerfully sexy doing it!

If you have any questions about our partnerships, packaging, bikinis, or conservation efforts, feel free to contact us!