Welcome to Tay-Bay – Home of Sustainability Sexy Swimwear

You white girl posing in the ocean wearing a white Tay-Bay Capri Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Bikini

They say we are what we wear, and Tay-Bay is all about being proudly sustainable, environmentally conscious, and true to Mother Earth. And we dare say, we look damn sexy doing it!

With roots in environmental conservation and design, Tay-Bay is proud to offer a range of eco-friendly designer swimwear for women of all shapes and sizes. We love the work we do and the clothes we make, and we know you’ll love wearing them!

Our Story

Our founder, Taylor-Jane Bennett, inspires us and our brand with her unshakable dedication and love for nature and all things that live in it. Growing up in some the most remote corners of Africa, Taylor has first-hand experience with the devastating impact man-kind has on our beautiful planet, protecting and raising orphaned animals. From Africa to Mauritius, she’s committed to protecting and serving natural wildlife, with Tay-Bay being her latest endeavour to make a difference for the marine environment and people of this tropical island paradise.

Young child give a lion cub some milk from a bottle in the wild.
You white girl posing in the ocean wearing a white Tay-Bay Capri Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Bikini

Living by our Dedication to the Earth and Purity

Our love of nature and purity goes beyond the environment. We love and care for ourselves, and our bodies with the same commitment to all things clean and organic. Proud advocators for veganism and organic products, everything we put in and on our bodies must be natural and enriching, with little to no impact on our planet. We grow our own plants, vegetables and herbs with love, and use only natural, chemical-free household cleaning products and detergents. Some of our conservation efforts extend into other areas of our lives as well, with all our deliveries made in an electric car to promote environmental sustainability, and all members of our team participate in continuous household recycling.

A Passion for Sustainability

Our mission is to protect marine life from the blight that is ‘ghost nets.’ These lost, abandoned and discarded fishing nets are a danger to all the magical creatures of our oceans, and it’s through up-cycling these nets that we can create our fabulously fashionable eco-swimwear. We take these nets out our oceans and turn them into bold and sexy bikinis, the perfect fit for adventurous and passionate island girls.

Not only do our cheeky little bikini numbers do their bit to protect our oceans, but they support our communities as well. Our handmade bikinis are lovingly crafted by our local team, and we employ the help of the wonderful women from our local NGO, Hope House, to handcraft the biodegradable Jute Bags each of our costumes are lovingly packaged in. Every part of our delightful bikinis and their production is eco-friendly and made with care, supporting people, animals and nature.

Feel as Strong and Gorgeous as You are in Our Bikini Range

A lot of love went into the design of our bikinis, and it really shows! Our collection is made up unique bikinis designed to make women look and feel like the goddesses that they are. Designed to fit all women, our bikinis are sporty, elegant, and delightfully playful. The perfect swimwear for an island adventure.

These upcycled fishing nets have a whole new purpose in the water again, and they feel as good as they look. From edgy to modern, our Capri, Clifton and Casita bikinis are fresh and contemporary takes on the classic bikini style, accentuating your best features and highlighting your feminine figure. They come in a range of stunning and eye-catching colours, from daisy yellow to boldly red.

Our Vision for the Future

Our efforts to protect the planet and bless the world with sun-kissed beauties in cheeky bikinis don’t stop here. Taylor leads a team of passionate people, and we’re not only committed to expanding our swimwear collection to feature more styles and fits but to furthering conversation efforts in Mauritius and increasing awareness through education and presentation.

We plan to raise awareness of the plight of marine life and the impact of people on the environment by running frequent beach clean up campaigns. And by educating the youth in schools with sustainability and environmental presentations, we can encourage future generations to care for their environment as much as we do. We’re always looking for new powerful and exciting ways to protect the environment and will continue to expand our efforts well into the future.

So keep an eye on our elegant collection to see what new designer costumes we’ll have to offer, and see just how we, our partners and our customers can get involved in caring for and serving our beautiful Mother Earth.